spoon carving

From Stump to Spoon

The story of how I began spoon carving is a random one. A combination of watching a Survivor Man Q&A video and a conversation about DIY with a co-worker is what led me this rabbit hole. I haven't turned back since.

It's been a total of year and counting since I started, but I couldn't be more grateful for finding and learning what I've gained. There is a beauty in a craft that allows for artistry but at it's core is rooted in functionality. Spoons can be beautiful, but they need to functional in their use. It's been a breath of fresh air to be able to learn the limitations of designing physical things and finding an appreciation in the finite.


As a greenwood carver, I try and hunt down any freshly cut or fallen trees around my local area. I use a variety of hand tools from my axes to different knifes to hand carve the different spoons and wooden utensils. My process continues to evolve as I learn new things and techniques about the craft. I like to finish off my projects with food-safe mineral oil to seal the wood to make them more water-proof.

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